.SGF File Extension

A .SGF file is a Smart Game Format File, created by Anders Kierulf.

Open with SmartGo. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SGF file?

A .SGF file is a type of document known as a Smart Game Format File. It is primarily used to store records of board games, such as the game of Go, which is a popular strategy game originating from ancient China. The file records various details of the game, including the moves made by each player, the positions of the stones on the board, the date the game was played, and other relevant information like player rankings and game duration.

The Smart Game Format was developed in 1987 by Anders Kierulf and was initially intended for the game of Go, but it has since been adapted to record other board games as well. The format is designed to be simple and uses plain text, which makes .SGF files easy to create, edit, and share. You can send them via email, post them in online forums, or upload them to websites.

To open an .SGF file, you can use various software programs that support this format. Some of the most commonly used programs include: - SmartGo: A comprehensive tool for playing and analyzing Go games. - Drago: A Windows-based program that allows users to view and edit SGF files. - Senten Goban: Another program for playing and reviewing Go games. - EidoGo: An online tool that lets you upload and view SGF files directly in your web browser. - Go Ginkgo: A software used for managing and reviewing Go game records.

These programs help players to study game strategies, review past games, and improve their playing skills by analyzing the recorded details in the .SGF files.


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