.SGY File Extension

A .SGY file is a SEG-Y Data File, created by SEG Technical Standards Committee.

Open with Geopsy. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SGY file?

A .SGY file is a type of data file specifically used in the field of geophysics. It is saved in the SEG-Y format, which stands for Society of Exploration Geophysicists Y format. This format is designed to store complex geophysical data in both binary and textual forms. The data typically includes information about seismic waves, such as their coordinates after they have been reflected from different geological layers underground.

The contents of a SGY file are quite detailed. They may include data on the frequency, type, and duration of seismic sweeps (which are methods used to generate seismic waves), the polarity of the impulse signals, and specific details about the projection zone and method used during the seismic survey. Additionally, SGY files contain various other metadata related to the seismic data.

SGY files are primarily created by tools and equipment used in seismic surveys. These tools send controlled energy signals into the ground and then record the waves that are reflected back. This process is somewhat similar to how sonar technology works in water. The recorded data is then saved in the SGY file format for further analysis.

To view or analyze the data contained in SGY files, specific software programs are required. Some of the programs that can open and work with SGY files include Geopsy and kogeo. These programs allow users to open, view, and sometimes manipulate the geophysical data for further study or application.

The SEG-Y format itself is an evolution of the older SEG format, which was first published in 1975. It has become a standard in the geophysical industry due to its ability to handle complex and voluminous data effectively.

It's important to note that SGY files can sometimes also be found with the .SEGY file extension, but they essentially serve the same purpose and contain the same type of data.


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