.SK1 File Extension

A .SK1 file is a sK1 Vector Graphic File, created by sK1 Project.

Open with sK1. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SK1 file?

The file extension .SK1 refers to a type of file known as an sK1 Vector Graphic File. This kind of file is primarily created and used by a software program called sK1, which is designed for use on Linux operating systems. The .SK1 file contains a vector graphic. Unlike regular images that are made up of pixels (tiny dots or squares of color), vector graphics are composed of paths. These paths are defined by mathematical equations which allow the image to be scaled (made larger or smaller) without losing quality. This makes vector graphics ideal for designs where precision and scalability are important, such as logos, brochures, maps, and other detailed illustrations.

To view or edit an .SK1 file, you can use the sK1 program itself. Additionally, Inkscape, another vector graphics editing program, can also open and handle .SK1 files. Inkscape is available for multiple operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS, making it a versatile choice for working with vector graphics.

The name sK1 stands for "Sketch/Skencil," indicating that the sK1 program was developed based on earlier software called Sketch or Skencil. This background highlights sK1's focus on vector graphic creation and editing, tailored specifically for professional design and illustration tasks.


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