.SK2 File Extension

A .SK2 file is a ChemSketch Drawing, created by Advanced Chemistry Development.

Open with ACD/ChemSketch. Available for Windows.

What is a .SK2 file?

The file extension .SK2 represents a ChemSketch Drawing file. This type of file is a compact, vector-based drawing specifically used for creating detailed chemical diagrams. It is generated using ChemSketch, which is a sophisticated program designed for drawing chemical structures and molecules. The content of an .SK2 file typically includes various molecular structures along with pertinent chemical information related to these structures.

To open a .SK2 file, you need to use the ACD/ChemSketch software. This program is tailored for chemists and other professionals in the scientific community to help them visualize and create chemical diagrams easily. ACD/ChemSketch provides tools for drawing and analyzing molecular structures, making it the appropriate application for handling .SK2 files.


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