.SLT File Extension

A .SLT file is a Mozilla User Profile Folder, created by Mozilla.

Open with Mozilla Firefox. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SLT file?

The file extension .SLT is associated with Mozilla User Profile Folders. These folders are used by Mozilla applications, including Firefox and Thunderbird, to store user-specific information. The data contained in these folders can include bookmarks, your browsing history, and cached data, which helps the programs load websites faster.

The .SLT files are usually named with a random sequence of characters, and they end with the ".slt" extension to indicate their format. This naming convention helps differentiate one user profile from another, especially when multiple profiles exist on the same computer.

To access or manage the data within a .SLT file, you can use Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird. These programs automatically create, modify, and utilize the .SLT files as needed, without requiring the user to manually open them. If you need to view or change the contents of your user profile, you should do so through the options or settings menu of the respective Mozilla program. There is no need to open the .SLT files directly, as they are handled by the applications themselves.


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