.SMENT File Extension

A .SMENT file is a StarMade Entity File, created by Schine.

Open with Schine StarMade. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SMENT file?

A .SMENT file is a type of file used by a video game called StarMade. StarMade is a game where players can explore space in a sandbox environment, which means they can move around freely and create their own adventures. In the game, players can build and customize their own spaceships or space stations using various materials and weapons. These custom spaceships and stations are saved as .SMENT files.

The .SMENT file contains all the information about a space entity, such as its design, the materials it's made of, and any weapons it has. This file acts like a blueprint for the game to understand how to build and display the spaceship or station in the game world.

To open a .SMENT file, you can use the StarMade game itself, as it is specifically designed to read and use these files. However, because .SMENT files are saved in a common file format known as Zip, you can also open them using file compression programs like 7-Zip, WinZip, or WinRAR. These programs let you view or extract the contents of the .SMENT files, which can be useful for advanced users who want to see or modify the details of the space entities.

In summary, if you just want to use the spaceship or station in StarMade, open the .SMENT file with the game. If you want to look at or change the file's contents, use a file compression program.


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