.SMF File Extension

A .SMF file is a Standard MIDI File, created by Oracle.

Open with OpenOffice Math. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SMF file?

The .SMF file extension stands for Standard MIDI File, which is a type of file used to store mathematical formulas. These files are created by software programs such as OpenOffice Math and its variants, including LibreOffice Math. The .SMF file contains both the syntax and the formatting for mathematical equations or expressions.

Originally, this file format was utilized by a program called StarMath, up to its version 5. Starting with StarMath 6 and continuing with Apache OpenOffice version 1, the .SXM format was adopted, which later evolved into the .ODF format under the OpenDocument standards. Despite these changes, Apache OpenOffice and its derivatives still support the .SMF file format, although it is considered outdated.

To open a .SMF file, you can use several programs: - OpenOffice Math - LibreOffice - Planamesa NeoOffice These programs allow you to view and edit the mathematical content stored in .SMF files. It's important to note that Apache OpenOffice, which can open these files, was previously known as


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