.SML File Extension

A .SML file is a SMIL Slideshow Presentation, created by ESRI.

Open with ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop. Available for Windows.

What is a .SML file?

File Extension: .SML File Type: SMIL Slideshow Presentation Description: The .SML file extension stands for Simple Macro Language, which is a script format used primarily with ARC/INFO, a Geographic Information System (GIS) software that originally ran on DOS. This software was developed by ESRI, a prominent company in the GIS field. The .SML script allows for the use of a limited set of features from the Arc Macro Language (.AML), which was utilized by the older ArcInfo WorkStation to create and manage GIS applications.

The .SML files are essentially text files that contain code written in Simple Macro Language. This language is interpreted, meaning that the code is executed directly from the script without the need for compilation. These scripts are used to automate tasks and processes in the ARC/INFO environment, making it easier to handle complex GIS data and operations.

Programs that can open .SML files: - ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop: This is the modern version of ArcInfo, now known as ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced. It supports the functionalities required to open and execute .SML files as part of its suite of tools for GIS professionals.

More Information: The .SML files are saved in ASCII text format, which is a simple text format recognized universally by text editors. This means that the files can be opened and edited with basic text editing tools, although to fully utilize their functionality, they should be run within the ArcGIS for Desktop software.

Note: ArcInfo, the original platform for which .SML files were developed, has been upgraded and renamed to ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced. This newer version continues to support .SML files within its advanced GIS environment.


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