.SOR File Extension

A .SOR file is a Standard OTDR Record File, created by Telcordia.

Open with VeEX Fiberizer Desktop. Available for Windows.

What is a .SOR file?

A .SOR file is a type of data file specifically used for storing information collected by an Optical Time-domain Reflectometer (OTDR) device. This device is used to test the integrity of fiber optic cables by sending light pulses through them. The .SOR file, which stands for Standard OTDR Record file, captures detailed data from these tests. This data includes measurements like the distance the light traveled, how much light was lost or reflected at different points along the cable, and the overall weakening of the light signal, known as attenuation.

When an OTDR device conducts a test, it releases a series of light pulses into the fiber optic cable. It then measures the light that bounces back (reflected light) from various points in the cable. These reflections, or "traces," provide valuable information about the condition and performance of the fiber optic cable. The results of these measurements are saved into a .SOR file.

To view and analyze the data contained in a .SOR file, you can use specialized software programs. Some of the programs that can open and work with .SOR files include VeEX Fiberizer Desktop, VIAVI FiberTrace, and an online tool called OTDR Trace Viewer. These programs allow users to open, view, and analyze the fiber trace data for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.

It's important to note that there are two versions of the .SOR file format. The original version was developed by a company called Bellcore, while a newer version was developed by Telcordia. This means that when working with .SOR files, the software used needs to be compatible with the version of the file you are trying to open.


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