.SOU File Extension

A .SOU file is a SBStudio II Sound File, created by N/A.

Open with SBStudio II. Available for Windows.

What is a .SOU file?

The .SOU file extension is associated with SBStudio II Sound Files. These files are an audio format specifically used by the software SBStudio. A .SOU file is a package file, meaning it groups together audio data into blocks for organized storage and playback. This format is somewhat similar to the .PAC file format, but it is important to note that .SOU files exclusively contain audio data, unlike .PAC files which might include different types of data.

To open a .SOU file, you can use the following programs: 1. **SBStudio II** - This is the primary software designed for creating and managing SBStudio II Sound Files. It allows users to edit, play, and manipulate the audio data contained within .SOU files. 2. **FMJ-Software Awave Studio** - This is a versatile audio editing software that supports a wide range of audio formats, including .SOU files. It can be used to convert .SOU files into other audio formats, play the audio, and perform various editing functions.

These programs are specifically designed to handle the unique format of .SOU files, ensuring that users can access and manipulate the audio data as needed.


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