.SOW File Extension

A .SOW file is a Descent ARJ Game Data Archive, created by Interplay Productions.

Open with Archive Manager (Included with OS). Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SOW file?

A .SOW file is a type of compressed file, specifically an .ARJ archive, that holds important game data for the video games Descent or Descent 2. These games are action-packed, 3D space shooter games. The .SOW file includes various types of files such as .HOG, .PIG, .HAM, and .256, all of which are essential for the game's operation, containing things like graphics, levels, and other game resources.

These .SOW files are typically found on the physical game discs that come with Descent or Descent 2. This means that when you buy the game and insert the disc into your computer, you are accessing .SOW files to play the game.

To open or manage a .SOW file, you can use several different programs. These include: 1. **Archive Manager** - This is a general file management tool included with many operating systems that can handle various types of archives, including .ARJ files. 2. **Interplay Productions Descent and Descent 2** - These are the actual games that use the .SOW files. When you run the games, they automatically access and use the data stored in these .SOW files. 3. **ARJ Software ARJ32** - This is a specific program designed to handle .ARJ files, which can open and possibly manipulate the contents of .SOW files. 4. **RARLAB WinRAR** - A very popular archiving program that can open many types of compressed files, including .ARJ archives like .SOW. 5. **7-Zip** - This is a free, open-source software that can manage a wide range of compressed file formats, .ARJ files included. 6. **Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe** - Another comprehensive tool that supports a variety of archive formats, capable of opening .SOW files.

By using any of these programs, you can access the contents of a .SOW file if you need to view or modify the game data for Descent or Descent 2.


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