.SP File Extension

A .SP file is a SignPlot Traffic Sign File, created by Dipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf Wirtz.

Open with Simplexety. Available for Windows.

What is a .SP file?

The file extension .SP stands for a SignPlot Traffic Sign File, which is a type of data file. This file is created by a program called Simplexety, which is an advanced calculator designed for mathematical and scientific purposes. Simplexety allows users to create, evaluate, and graph mathematical functions. The .SP file specifically saves a list of these mathematical functions along with any related data. Additionally, it has the capability to store custom VBScript, which is a scripting language used to enhance the functionality of the file.

When you work with Simplexety and save your work, it generates an .SP file. This file contains all the mathematical functions and data you have inputted or generated during your session. It is useful for storing complex mathematical equations and data sets, making it easier to share this information with others who might need to use or review it in their own work.

Moreover, when you save an .SP file, the program also creates an .SY file. This .SY file is essentially a companion file that can also be used to reopen the saved content in Simplexety. This means you have two options for accessing your saved work, either through the .SP file or the .SY file.

To open an .SP file, you will need to use the Simplexety program. This is the primary software designed to handle and interpret the data stored in .SP files. There is no information about other programs that can open this type of file, so Simplexety is likely the only suitable option for accessing and working with .SP files effectively.


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