.SPO File Extension

A .SPO file is a SPSS Statistical Data Output File, created by SPSS.

Open with IBM SPSS. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SPO file?

The file extension .SPO refers to a type of file known as an SPSS Statistical Data Output File. This type of file is specifically created by a software program called SPSS, which stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. SPSS is commonly used for analyzing various types of statistical data and is popular in fields like social science research, health research, market research, and similar areas.

An .SPO file is generated when an SPSS program, typically a script or command file with the extension .SPS, processes statistical data and produces output results. These results are saved in the .SPO file format by versions of SPSS that are version 15 or earlier.

To open an .SPO file, you can use several programs developed by IBM, which is the company that owns SPSS. These programs include: 1. IBM SPSS - This is the main application that can originally create and open .SPO files. 2. SPSS SmartViewer - Also known as SPSS Legacy Viewer, this program is specifically designed to view .SPO files that were created by older versions of SPSS (version 15 and earlier).

It's important to note that .SPO files are not compatible with later versions of SPSS, specifically versions 16 and later. These newer versions use a different file format, which has the extension .SPV. Therefore, if you are using SPSS version 16 or newer, you will not be able to open .SPO files directly in these versions. Instead, you would need to use the SPSS SmartViewer 15 to view the contents of .SPO files.

In summary, if you have an .SPO file, you can open it using IBM SPSS (if you are using version 15 or earlier) or with the SPSS SmartViewer. If you are using a newer version of SPSS, you will need to use the SPSS SmartViewer 15 to access the data in .SPO files.


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