.SPP File Extension

A .SPP file is a Serif PhotoPlus Picture File, created by Serif.

Open with Serif PhotoPlus. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPP file?

The file extension .SPP refers to a Serif PhotoPlus Picture File. This type of file is a picture saved in the specific format used by the software program called Serif PhotoPlus. An .SPP file can contain various elements that make it a rich and editable image file. These elements include layers, which are like stacked transparent sheets where each sheet can hold different parts of the image; layer effects, which are special visual effects applied to specific layers; and transparency, which allows parts of the image to be see-through.

Additionally, .SPP files can contain editable text, allowing you to modify any textual content within the image, and QuickShapes, which are pre-defined shapes that can be easily added and manipulated in your image. Another feature of .SPP files is mesh data. This data enables parts of the image to be distorted or transformed using a tool called the Mesh Warp tool, which can manipulate the image in complex ways to achieve different visual effects.

To open an .SPP file, you would typically use Serif PhotoPlus, which is the program designed to work with this file type. However, it's important to note that Serif discontinued PhotoPlus in 2015 and replaced it with a new program called Affinity Photo. Although Affinity Photo is the successor to PhotoPlus, it may not support .SPP files natively, so you might need to use the original PhotoPlus software to open .SPP files effectively.

In summary, .SPP files are versatile image files similar to Photoshop's .PSD files but are specifically created and used by Serif PhotoPlus. They support advanced image editing features, making them useful for detailed graphic design work. If you need to open an .SPP file, you should use Serif PhotoPlus, keeping in mind that this software has been discontinued and replaced by Affinity Photo.


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