.SPQ File Extension

A .SPQ file is a SPSS Database Query File, created by IBM.

Open with IBM SPSS. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SPQ file?

The .SPQ file extension is associated with a type of file known as an SPSS Database Query File. This file is specifically created by SPSS, which is a software used for data mining and statistical analysis. The purpose of an .SPQ file is to store a query that can be used to retrieve data from a database. It includes important details such as the type of ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) database being accessed, which could be databases like MS Access, dBASE, or an Excel file. Additionally, it specifies which data fields should be extracted from the database and any transformations needed to format the data appropriately.

To open an .SPQ file, you need to use the IBM SPSS software. Within SPSS, you can run these query files by navigating through the menu: File → Open Database → Run Query... This process allows the software to execute the saved queries within the .SPQ file.

These files are particularly useful because they allow users to save their database queries. By saving these queries, users can easily rerun them whenever needed, especially when there is new or updated data in the database. This feature is helpful for maintaining up-to-date datasets without having to recreate queries from scratch each time.

To create an .SPQ file, you can use the Database Wizard in SPSS. This wizard can be accessed through the menu by selecting File → Open Database → New Query... Here, you can set up a new database query, specifying the database type, the data fields to be extracted, and any necessary data transformations. Once set up, this query can be saved as an .SPQ file for future use.

In summary, .SPQ files are a key component for users who frequently work with databases in SPSS, allowing for efficient data extraction and management through saved and repeatable queries.


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