.SPR File Extension

A .SPR file is a FoxPro Generated Screen File, created by Valve.

Open with Valve Half-Life. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SPR file?

An SPR file is a type of file known as a sprite, which is commonly used in video games. Specifically, SPR files are used by the PC versions of the game Half-Life, which is a well-known first-person shooter game. In this context, a sprite is a digital image or graphic that represents an object within the game. These objects can be characters, visual effects, or elements of the user interface.

The SPR file contains one or more 2D images that are used to "skin" or visually represent these in-game objects. Skinning refers to the process of applying a graphical appearance to a game element. For example, in Half-Life, the characters and various effects you see on the screen are controlled by these SPR files.

Although SPR files are generated by a program called FoxPro, they are specifically designed to be used within the Half-Life game engine. Modders, or users who modify games, often use special tools to open and edit these SPR files to create custom appearances or effects in the game. Some of the tools that can open and work with SPR files include Valve Half-Life (the game itself), SprView, and Sprite Explorer. These tools allow users to view and modify the contents of SPR files.

It's important to note that while SPR files are associated with FoxPro, they are not typically used in the standard operations of FoxPro. Instead, they are specifically tailored for use in the gaming environment provided by Half-Life. If you're looking to work with these files outside of Half-Life, you would need to use a program like Visual FoxPro, which can run these files within its environment, albeit for different purposes related to game development rather than standard database management or application development tasks typically associated with FoxPro.


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