.SPS File Extension

A .SPS file is a SPSS Program File, created by IBM.

Open with IBM SPSS. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SPS file?

The .SPS file extension is used for a type of file called an SPSS Program File. This file is associated with SPSS, which is a software used for statistical analysis. The content of an .SPS file is written in plain text and includes instructions that are written in SPSS syntax. These instructions are used to work with data sets and to perform automated statistical analyses.

The .SPS files are usually created and edited using the SPSS Syntax Editor, a tool provided within the SPSS software. This editor helps users to write and manage the syntax commands that the SPSS software will execute.

To open an .SPS file, you need to use the IBM SPSS software. Here’s how you can open and run an .SPS file in IBM SPSS: 1. Start the IBM SPSS software. 2. Go to the menu and select File → Open → Syntax... 3. In the dialog box that appears, find and select the .SPS file you want to open, then click 'Open'. 4. Once the file is open, you can run the entire set of commands in the file by going to Run → All. 5. If you want to run the commands step-by-step, you can choose Run → Step Through. 6. To run only a specific part of the commands, highlight the section you want to execute, then choose Run → Selection.

These features allow you to control how the statistical analysis is performed using the commands in the .SPS file.


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