.SPT File Extension

A .SPT file is a ESPL Programming File, created by Ensign Software.

Open with Ensign Software Ensign. Available for Windows.

What is a .SPT file?

The file extension .SPT refers to a type of file known as an ESPL Programming File. This file contains source code written in the ESPL programming language, which is specifically designed for developing software applications that are used in scientific research or other research fields. The content of an .SPT file includes instructions and data that tell the computer how to perform specific tasks related to scientific or research projects.

To open and work with .SPT files, you can use a program called Ensign Software Ensign. This program is designed to understand and process the ESPL language, allowing users to edit, compile, or run the programs defined in the .SPT files.

Additionally, .SPT files can be compatible with certain 3D modeling software if they have specific plugins installed. For instance, if a 3D modeling program has the SpeedTreeMAX or SpeedTreeMAYA plugins, it can also open and possibly interact with .SPT files. These plugins are typically used in the context of creating or manipulating 3D models, particularly those involving vegetation, as they integrate with the SpeedTree technology, which is known for its ability to generate realistic tree models for games and simulations.


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