.SRF File Extension

A .SRF file is a Sony RAW Image, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022+. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SRF file?

The .SRF file extension is primarily associated with Sony RAW Image files. These are high-quality image files captured by Sony digital cameras in their raw sensor data format. This format allows photographers to have more control over photo editing compared to standard JPEG files.

To view or edit .SRF files, you can use various software programs that are compatible with Sony RAW images. Some of these programs include: 1. **Adobe Photoshop** - A popular photo editing software that supports a wide range of image formats including Sony RAW files. Photoshop allows for comprehensive editing capabilities, making it a favorite among professional photographers. 2. **Sony Imaging Edge** - This is software provided by Sony itself, designed specifically for viewing and editing RAW images from Sony cameras. It offers tools tailored to enhance Sony RAW files. 3. **Lightroom** - Another Adobe product, Lightroom is widely used for photo editing and management. It supports .SRF files and provides various tools to adjust colors, balance, and other aspects of your photos.

These programs enable you to open, view, and modify .SRF files to achieve the desired effects in your images. By using these tools, photographers can ensure that their photos maintain high quality and are edited to their specific preferences.


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