.SRG File Extension

A .SRG file is a Ketron Single Registration File, created by Ketron.

Open with Transfer to device via hardware interface. Available for Windows.

What is a .SRG file?

The file extension .SRG is associated with a Ketron Single Registration File. This type of file is specifically used by Ketron audio modules and other related Ketron audio equipment. The purpose of an .SRG file is to save specific audio settings that are configured for use on these devices. These settings help in managing how the audio sounds and operates on the Ketron equipment.

It's important to note that .SRG files are designed to work exclusively with Ketron audio devices. This means they cannot be opened or used by typical desktop software programs that you might use on a computer. Instead, these files are meant to be directly transferred to the Ketron audio device.

To transfer an .SRG file to a Ketron device, you would typically use a hardware interface. This involves connecting the device to a computer or other system where the .SRG file is stored, using a specific type of cable or connection method recommended by Ketron. Once connected, you can transfer the .SRG file to the device, where it will be used to apply the saved audio settings.


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