.ST3 File Extension

A .ST3 file is a Star 3 MIDI Karaoke File, created by Creative Labs Korea.

Open with Star 3. Available for Windows.

What is a .ST3 file?

An .ST3 file is a type of digital file specifically used for karaoke on computers. It is known as a Star 3 MIDI Karaoke File. This file format is a compressed version of a standard .MIDI file, which is a common format used to store music data. The .ST3 file not only includes musical information about how instruments should sound during a song but also contains the lyrics that are displayed on the screen for singing along, as well as details like the artist's name and the song title.

The .ST3 file is primarily associated with karaoke software programs called Star 3 and Real Orchestra. These programs were designed to use these files to allow users to play music and display lyrics simultaneously for karaoke purposes. However, it's important to note that both Star 3 and Real Orchestra software programs have been discontinued, which means they are no longer updated or supported by their developers.

Despite the discontinuation of these programs, if you have an existing copy of Star 3 or Real Orchestra, you can still use them to open and play .ST3 files. Since these files are not widely supported by other software, finding an alternative program that can open and play .ST3 files might be challenging. If you need to use these files and do not have access to the original software, you might need to look into converting them into more commonly supported file formats.


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