.ST4 File Extension

A .ST4 file is a SuperCard Trial Project File, created by Solutions Etcetera.

Open with Solutions Etcetera SuperCard. Available for Mac.

What is a .ST4 file?

The .ST4 file extension is associated with a type of file known as a SuperCard Trial Project File. This file is specifically created by the trial version of a program called SuperCard, which is a powerful tool designed for creating visual applications on Mac OS X. The .ST4 file contains a project that includes various elements such as user interface components, program resources, and the logic that controls how the interface operates. This allows users to design and save their projects while they are testing out the capabilities of the SuperCard software.

To open a .ST4 file, you will need to use specific programs developed by Solutions Etcetera, namely SuperCard or SuperEdit. These programs enable you to view and edit the contents of the .ST4 file.

It's important to note that the .ST4 file extension is used by version 4 of the SuperCard trial software. In later versions, such as version 4.5, the file extension changes to .ST45. Similarly, the full versions of these software releases use different extensions: .SC4 for SuperCard 4 and .SC45 for SuperCard 4.5. This naming pattern helps distinguish between different versions of the software and their corresponding project files.


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