.SUA File Extension

A .SUA file is a Special Use Airspace File, created by Tim Newport-Peace.

Open with Any text editor. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SUA file?

A .SUA file is a type of data file specifically used in the context of aviation, particularly by glider pilots. The file format, known as Special Use Airspace (SUA), helps pilots in planning and analyzing their flight paths over certain areas of the sky that have restrictions or special rules. These files include important details about different sections of the airspace, such as: - **Type of Airspace**: This indicates what kind of restrictions are in place. For example, "R" stands for Restricted areas where flights are typically not allowed without special permission, "P" stands for Prohibited areas where flights are completely banned, and "Z" stands for Training Zones designated for practice flights. - **Classification**: This might include additional details about the type of airspace beyond just the basic category. - **Hours of Operation**: This tells pilots when the airspace restrictions are active, which is crucial for planning flights to avoid entering restricted zones during these times. - **Latitude and Longitude Position**: These coordinates pinpoint the exact location of the airspace on a map, helping in navigation. - **Suggested Flight Altitude**: This provides guidance on what altitudes are safe or allowed for flying in these areas, often indicated as BASE (the lowest safe altitude) and TOPS (the highest safe altitude).

To view or edit SUA files, you can use basic text editing software because the files are saved in a text format. Programs that can open these files include: - **Microsoft Notepad**: This is a simple text editor included with Microsoft Windows operating systems. - **Apple TextEdit**: This is a basic text editor included with macOS. - **Any other text editor**: Since SUA files are text-based, they can be opened with any general text editing software.

Historically, devices like the Glide Navigator II and NK ClearNav, which are specialized for use in gliding and other aviation activities, supported SUA files. These instruments were crucial for flight planning before the widespread adoption of more advanced GPS technology. Nowadays, with the evolution of GPS systems, the use of SUA files and these specific devices has decreased.

The SUA file format was developed by Tim Newport-Peace, contributing a standardized method for sharing and using airspace data among glider pilots and possibly other aviators who need to be aware of special use airspace while planning their flight routes.


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