.SUB File Extension

A .SUB file is a MicroDVD Subtitle File, created by Tiamat Software.

Open with VideoLAN VLC media player. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SUB file?

A .SUB file is a type of subtitle file used primarily with the MicroDVD video format. It is designed to display subtitles on a video, synchronizing the text with specific points in the video to ensure the subtitles appear at the correct time. The .SUB file contains both the text of the subtitles and the timing information, which tells the video player when to display each piece of text.

The timing in a .SUB file is usually given in frames rather than seconds, which means the file specifies the exact frame numbers where a subtitle should start and end. For example, if a .SUB file has an entry like {0}{90}You might not believe this, but ..., it means the subtitle "You might not believe this, but ..." will appear from frame 0 to frame 90. If the video plays at 30 frames per second, this subtitle will be shown for the first three seconds of the video.

.SUB files can also include formatting instructions, allowing subtitles to be displayed in various fonts, colors, and styles. This makes it possible to customize the appearance of subtitles according to preferences or specific needs.

To open and view .SUB files, you can use various media players and subtitle editing tools. Some of the popular programs that support .SUB files include: - VideoLAN VLC media player: A versatile media player that can handle a wide range of video and subtitle formats. - Aegisub: A specialized tool for creating and editing subtitles. - MPlayer: Another media player known for its broad format support. - KSubtile and Gnome Subtitles: Tools specifically designed for editing subtitle files. - CyberLink PowerDVD 21: A media player that provides high-quality playback of video files. - URUWorks Subtitle Workshop: A comprehensive subtitle editing suite. - Universal Subtitle Viewer: A simple tool for viewing subtitles. - Any text editor: Since .SUB files are essentially text files, they can also be opened and edited in any basic text editor.

For mobile users, there are apps like olimsoft OPlayer for iOS and J2 Interactive MX Player for Android, which support subtitle playback including .SUB files.

If you need to convert .SUB files to the more commonly used .SRT format, there are online tools available such as and These tools allow you to easily convert your files, making them compatible with a wider range of media players and devices.


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