.T2C File Extension

A .T2C file is a TCP/Com Configuration File, created by TAL Technologies.

Open with TAL Technologies TCP/Com. Available for Windows.

What is a .T2C file?

A .T2C file is a special kind of file that helps computers talk to each other over a network. It is made by a program called TAL Technologies TCP/Com. This program is like a translator that helps computers understand data coming from devices like sensors or meters that are plugged into the computer. These devices use a plug called an RS232 port, which is a way for older devices to connect to computers.

The .T2C file keeps all the settings or rules that the TCP/Com program needs to know so it can correctly send the data from these devices over a network to another place where it's needed. This network uses something called TCP/IP, which is a set of rules that allows computers on the internet to talk to each other.

So, imagine you have a weather station that measures things like temperature and wind speed. This station is connected to your computer by a cable. With the help of the TCP/Com program and a .T2C file, your computer can send these measurements over the internet to another computer far away that is collecting weather data from many places.

To look at or change a .T2C file, you need to use the TAL Technologies TCP/Com program. This is handy because if you have a setup that works well, you can save it as a .T2C file. Then, if you need to use the same setup again, you don't have to start from the beginning; you can just open the .T2C file in TCP/Com.

In simple terms, a .T2C file helps your computer share important data from connected devices over the internet easily, without having to set it up from scratch every time.


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