.TDS File Extension

A .TDS file is a Turbo Debugger Symbols File, created by Adobe.

Open with Adobe LiveCycle ES4. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .TDS file?

A .TDS file is a special kind of computer file used by a program called Turbo Debugger, which helps programmers find and fix problems in their software. However, there seems to be a mix-up in the description provided. The detailed description actually talks about a different use of .TDS files related to Adobe LiveCycle Designer, not Turbo Debugger. Let's clarify both uses: 1. **Turbo Debugger Symbols File (.TDS)**: This type of .TDS file is used by software developers when they are working on creating or improving software applications. The Turbo Debugger is a tool that comes with Borland C++ Builder, a program used for writing computer programs in the C++ programming language. The .TDS file contains important information that helps the Turbo Debugger run correctly, such as symbols that represent various parts of the code being worked on. This makes it easier for developers to see where problems might be in their software and fix them.

**Programs that can open this type of .TDS file**: Since it's related to debugging software, you would need Borland C++ Builder or similar software development tools that support Turbo Debugger symbols.

2. **Adobe LiveCycle Designer Template (.TDS)**: On the other hand, the description also mentions .TDS files in the context of Adobe LiveCycle Designer, which is incorrect. Adobe LiveCycle Designer uses .XDP or .PDF file extensions for its templates, not .TDS. It's a tool for creating forms and documents that can be used across different devices and platforms. This program allows users to design forms with fields that people can fill out electronically. The templates can include things like the layout of the form, the fonts and images to be used, and scripts to automate certain actions.

**Programs that can open form templates from Adobe LiveCycle Designer**: Adobe LiveCycle ES4 (Enterprise Suite 4) is the correct program for working with templates created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer. However, remember that these templates are not saved with a .TDS extension.

In summary, .TDS files are primarily associated with Turbo Debugger as symbols files, which are important for software development and debugging. The confusion with Adobe LiveCycle Designer seems to be a mix-up, as Adobe LiveCycle Designer uses different file extensions for its templates. If you're working with Turbo Debugger, you'll need Borland C++ Builder or similar tools to open .TDS files.


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