.TDT File Extension

A .TDT file is a FirstBreak Concrete Test File, created by LogicSphere.

Open with LogicSphere FirstBreak. Available for Windows.

What is a .TDT file?

The file extension .TDT is associated with a specific type of file called a FirstBreak Concrete Test File. This kind of file is used by a computer program named FirstBreak, which is designed to check how strong different mixes of concrete are. Inside a .TDT file, you can find information about tests that have been done on batches of concrete. This information includes the reference number for the batch, the date the test was done, how strong the test samples were, how much the concrete slumped (or settled), how much air was in the mix, and what the temperature was during the test.

To open and work with a .TDT file, you would use the LogicSphere FirstBreak program. This program uses the data in the .TDT files to perform statistical analyses, which help in understanding the properties of the concrete being tested. It's also important to know that .TDT files are saved in a format known as .CSV. This means that the data inside them is organized in a way that's similar to a spreadsheet, with values separated by commas. Because of this, even if you don't have the FirstBreak program, you might be able to open a .TDT file with other software that can read .CSV files, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. However, to fully utilize the specific features and analyses available, opening the file with LogicSphere FirstBreak would be necessary.


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