.TGQ File Extension

A .TGQ file is a Electronic Arts TGQ Video File, created by Electronic Arts.

Open with FFmpeg. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TGQ file?

A .TGQ file is a type of video file that is used in some old video games on the Sega Saturn console and on Windows computers. These games were made by a company called Electronic Arts. The .TGQ file has both the sounds and the pictures for the video inside it, and it uses something called the TGQ codec to keep everything in the right format. These files are mostly used for showing the game's name and logo when you start it up, and for the movie-like scenes you see while playing the game.

To open a .TGQ file, you can use a program called FFmpeg, which is a tool that can work with lots of different video and audio files. Another option is a program called File Viewer Plus, which you can download from the Microsoft store. These programs can help you see and hear what's in the .TGQ file.

The video games that have .TGQ files are pretty old - they all came out in the 1990s. Since those games aren't made anymore, you probably won't see a .TGQ file unless you have one of these old games on your computer. Some of the games that use .TGQ files are "Warcraft II: The Dark Saga," "Need for Speed II," and "Crusader: No Remorse."


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