.TGS File Extension

A .TGS file is a Telegram Animated Sticker File, created by Telegram.

Open with Telegram. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TGS file?

A .TGS file is a special kind of file used by Telegram, which is an app that lets people send messages to each other on different devices. This file contains an animated sticker, which is like a small, moving picture that you can add to your messages to make them more fun and expressive. These stickers are not just regular images; they move! The .TGS files are made in a specific way that makes them different from normal images. They are created using a program called Adobe After Effects with a special add-on. After the animation is made, it is turned into a format that Telegram can use, which keeps the file small but keeps the animation looking good. This is important because it means you can send these stickers without using a lot of data, and they still look great.

To open a .TGS file, you can use the Telegram app itself, since that's what these files are made for. There are also some other tools and programs that can open or convert these files into different formats. For example, there are programs like the Ed Asriyan Lottie Converter, which can change the .TGS file into another type of file that can be used in different ways. Other programs like gzip, Corel WinZip, and 7-Zip can open these files because they are compressed to make them smaller.

If you're on a computer, you might use software like Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe or the Apple Archive Utility if you're using a Mac. These programs help you manage and open different types of compressed files, including .TGS files. For people who want to see these animations on the web or convert them to a more common format like GIF, websites like offer tools to do just that.

In simple terms, .TGS files let you use animated stickers in your Telegram messages to make chatting more fun. They're made in a smart way that keeps the file size down without losing quality, and you can open them with Telegram or use various programs to view or convert them if needed.


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