.TGV File Extension

A .TGV file is a Electronic Arts TGV Video File, created by Electronic Arts.

Open with FFmpeg. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TGV file?

A .TGV file is a type of video file created by Electronic Arts, a company that makes video games. This kind of file is used in some older video games to store videos that are part of the game, like the short movies you see before or during the game (these are called cutscenes) or the images and animations that show the game's title or logo. The .TGV file keeps the video and sound together, and it also includes details like how big the video is (in pixels), the colors used in the video, and how smoothly the video plays (frame rate).

You might find a .TGV file if you're playing or looking into games from the 1990s like NBA Live 96, Need for Speed, Privateer 2, and StarLacer. These games used .TGV files for their videos, but they're pretty old and aren't being made anymore. So, if you come across a .TGV file, it's probably because you have one of these games or you've taken the game files from an old game disc or cartridge.

If you want to open a .TGV file, you can use a program called FFmpeg, which is a tool that can work with lots of different video and audio files, or you can use File Viewer Plus, which you can get from the Microsoft store. These programs can help you see and hear what's in the .TGV file, just like when you play a video on your computer.


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