.TJA File Extension

A .TJA file is a Taikojiro Song Map File, created by Taikojiro.

Open with Taikojiro. Available for Windows.

What is a .TJA file?

A .TJA file is a special kind of file that is used in a music game called Taikojiro, which is a game where you try to hit buttons in time with music. Think of it like having a digital drum in front of you, and you need to hit the drum beats exactly as they come up on the screen to the rhythm of the song playing. The .TJA file helps the game know when to show these drum beats on the screen so you can hit them at the right time.

These .TJA files are like a map or a guide for each song in the game. They contain important information such as the name of the song, how difficult it will be to play, how fast the song goes (its beats per minute), and which music file it should play along with. This means that for every song in the game, there's a .TJA file that tells the game all these details so everything matches up perfectly when you're playing.

You won't see these files by themselves because they need to be in the same folder as the music file they belong to. So, if you have a song you want to play in the game, there will be a folder for that song, and inside that folder, you'll find both the music file and its matching .TJA file.

To open or use these .TJA files, you would typically use the Taikojiro game itself or other similar programs that can read these files, like TJAPlayer3 or Taiko Web. These programs know how to read the .TJA files and use the information in them to show you the drum beats on the screen at the right time as you play along with the music.

In simple terms, a .TJA file is like a recipe that tells the game how to cook up the song you're about to play, making sure you get all the right beats at the right times for a fun music game experience.


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