.TLB File Extension

A .TLB file is a OLE Type Library, created by N/A.

Open with HP OpenVMS. Available for Windows.

What is a .TLB file?

The file extension .TLB stands for OLE Type Library. This type of file contains a library of information in text form that is used by a VAX / VMS system. VAX / VMS is an operating system that was developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) for its series of VAX minicomputers and workstations. The information stored in a .TLB file is important for the system to understand how to handle certain types of data or operations.

To open a .TLB file, you can use HP OpenVMS, which is the modern version of the VAX / VMS operating system. HP OpenVMS is designed to run on HP's line of servers and provides support for the .TLB file format as part of its system operations.

Additionally, because the information inside a .TLB file is text-based, you can also open it with a text editor. A text editor is a type of program that allows you to view and edit plain text files. Examples of text editors include Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on macOS, and Gedit on Linux. However, while you can open and view the contents of a .TLB file with a text editor, understanding the information it contains might require specific knowledge of the VAX / VMS system and its programming environment.


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