.TLC File Extension

A .TLC file is a The Logo Creator File, created by Laughingbird Software.

Open with Laughingbird The Logo Creator (Discontinued). Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .TLC file?

A .TLC file is a special kind of computer file used to store logos. These logos are made using a program called The Logo Creator, which was made by Laughingbird Software. This program is like a tool for drawing and changing logos, which are symbols or designs used by companies or individuals to represent themselves.

The content of a TLC file usually includes vector graphics and text. Vector graphics are a type of image that can be made bigger or smaller without losing quality, which is really useful for logos. Besides that, a TLC file can have different looks and feels because it might contain textures (which are like patterns or surfaces), effects that can make the logo look 3D or have special styles, and backgrounds that could be see-through (transparent) or have colors.

However, it's important to know that the program used to make and change these TLC files, The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software, is no longer available. This means you can't get this program new from the maker anymore, which can make it tricky to open or edit TLC files if you don't already have the program.


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