.TLX File Extension

A .TLX file is a Standard Dictionary File, created by LG Electronics.

Open with LG -To-Guest File Manager. Available for Windows.

What is a .TLX file?

A .TLX file is a type of configuration file specifically used by LG commercial televisions, which are often set up in a mode called Free-To-Guest (FTG). This mode is commonly used in places like hotels, hospitals, and other businesses where televisions are publicly accessible. The purpose of the .TLX file is to manage and control the channels and settings that are available on these TVs, ensuring that users can only access certain features and channels, preventing unauthorized use.

The .TLX file contains a list of approved channels and settings that can be accessed on the television. This file is crucial when setting up multiple TVs, as it allows for uniformity across different units by applying the same settings and channel lists. This is particularly useful in environments where multiple TVs need to have the same configuration, such as in a hotel.

To manage these settings, the .TLX files are created and edited using a specific program called LG Free-To-Guest File Manager. This software allows administrators of these televisions to create a .TLX file by exporting the settings from one already-configured FTG TV. Once the .TLX file is created, it can then be installed on other LG commercial TVs of the same model to replicate the settings.

It's important to note that .TLX files are model-specific. This means that a .TLX file created for one model of LG TV may not work correctly if used on a different model. This specificity ensures that the settings and channels are compatible with the hardware and software of the TV model for which they were designed.

The LG Free-To-Guest File Manager software needed to open, create, and manage .TLX files can be downloaded from the LG website. This tool is essential for administrators who need to control the television settings in commercial environments, ensuring that all TVs conform to the required settings and restrictions.


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