.TLZ File Extension

A .TLZ file is a Tar LZMA Compressed File, created by Lzip.

Open with Lzip. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .TLZ file?

The file extension .TLZ refers to a Tar LZMA Compressed File. This type of file starts as a Tar archive, which is a collection of files bundled together. The .TAR file is then compressed using Lzip, a file compression program that applies the Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain Algorithm (LZMA). This compression method is highly efficient and is particularly popular for use on Unix-based systems, such as Linux. However, it is also compatible with Windows and Macintosh systems through the use of the Lzip software.

To open a .TLZ file, you can use several programs depending on your operating system. On Unix systems, as well as on Windows and Mac, you can use Lzip, which is specifically designed to handle LZMA compression. Other programs that can open .TLZ files include Tukaani LZMA Utils, which is another toolset for managing LZMA compressed files. For Windows users, 7-Zip is a widely used program that supports a variety of compression formats, including .TLZ. Mac users can use Sixty Five 7zX, which is a version of 7-Zip tailored for Mac OS, to open these files as well.

In summary, a .TLZ file is a compressed archive that combines the use of Tar archiving and Lzip compression, making it efficient for storing and transferring multiple files as a single, smaller file. To access the contents, you can choose from several software options such as Lzip, Tukaani LZMA Utils, 7-Zip, and Sixty Five 7zX, depending on your operating system.


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