.VSMPROJ File Extension

A .VSMPROJ file is a Visual Studio Text Macro Project, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022+. Available for Windows.

What is a .VSMPROJ file?

The file extension .VSMPROJ stands for Visual Studio Text Macro Project. This type of file is a text-based document that is used with Microsoft Visual Studio, a program that developers use to create applications for Windows. The .VSMPROJ file contains a series of actions, known as macros, which are designed to automate certain tasks within the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). These automated tasks help developers save time and increase efficiency by reducing the need to manually repeat common or repetitive actions during the software development process.

To open a .VSMPROJ file, you need to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 or a later version. This program provides the necessary tools to read and execute the macros contained in the .VSMPROJ file. By using Visual Studio, developers can easily manage and run these macro projects to streamline their development workflow.


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