.WSPAK File Extension

A .WSPAK file is a WebsitePanel Backup File, created by WebsitePanel.

Open with WebsitePanel. Available for Windows.

What is a .WSPAK file?

The .WSPAK file extension stands for a WebsitePanel Backup File. This type of file is created by a program called WebsitePanel, which is used to manage different applications on Windows Server. These applications include things like IIS (which is used for hosting websites), SQL Server (a database system), Exchange (for emails), and Hyper-V (for creating virtual machines).

A .WSPAK file contains a backup of important data such as databases, settings, and other files from the server. This is very useful because it helps in keeping a safe copy of your data, which can be used to restore the server's state or move the data to a new server. This is something usually done by system administrators, who are people responsible for managing and taking care of computer systems in a company or organization.

To open a .WSPAK file, you would typically use the WebsitePanel program. However, it's interesting to note that these files are actually saved in a compressed format, similar to .ZIP files. This means that if you wanted to, you could use a Zip utility (a program that can open .ZIP files) to look inside a .WSPAK file and see its contents. But, usually, people don't do this because the files are meant to be managed directly through WebsitePanel.

It's important to remember that WebsitePanel, and therefore .WSPAK files, are designed to work on Windows Server. This means they won't work on other versions of Windows like Windows Vista, 7, or 8.

So, in summary, a .WSPAK file is a backup file used by system administrators to save and manage important server data through the WebsitePanel program, and it's specifically designed for use on Windows Server systems.


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