.BGL File Extension

A .BGL file is a Babylon Glossary File, created by Babylon.

Open with Babylon. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BGL file?

A .BGL file is a type of file called a Babylon Glossary File. It is used by a program named Babylon, which helps people translate words and phrases into many different languages online. Inside a .BGL file, there are lists of words and their definitions, kind of like in a dictionary, but for the Babylon program. When you use Babylon, it can take the words from the .BGL file and translate them into other languages right away, making it easier for you to understand or communicate in a language you might not know well.

To open a .BGL file, you can use the Babylon program itself, or two other tools called Babylon Glossary Builder and Babylon for Mac. The Babylon Glossary Builder is a special program that lets you make your own glossary files. This means you can create a custom list of words and definitions that you want Babylon to use for translations. It's like making your own personal dictionary for the Babylon program to use.

However, it's important to know that Babylon and the Babylon Glossary Builder are no longer being made or updated. This means that while you can still use these programs if you already have them, there won't be any new versions or official support available.

In summary, .BGL files are used with the Babylon translation program to help translate words and phrases into different languages. You can open these files with Babylon, Babylon Glossary Builder, or Babylon for Mac, but keep in mind that these programs are discontinued and no longer updated.


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