.BS1 File Extension

A .BS1 file is a VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File, created by VirtualBus.

Open with VirtualBus. Available for Windows.

What is a .BS1 file?

The file extension .BS1 refers to a VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File. This type of file is associated with VirtualBus, which is a free game that simulates driving a bus. The .BS1 file contains important configuration parameters that define how the 3D bus appears and operates within the game. These parameters include settings like the color of the vehicle, the type of tires it uses, and the specific models that make up different sections of the bus.

To open a .BS1 file, you need to use the VirtualBus program, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Within VirtualBus, these files are crucial as they dictate various aesthetic and functional aspects of the buses that players drive.

The .BS1 files are stored in a simple text format, which means they can be opened and edited with basic text editing tools. However, modifying these files to customize the bus features is generally recommended only for advanced users who have a thorough understanding of the game's configuration settings. Making changes to a .BS1 file allows players to customize buses in the game, but doing so requires detailed knowledge to ensure the game functions correctly with the modified bus configurations.


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