.C10 File Extension

A .C10 file is a WinAce Split Archive Part 10, created by E-merge.

Open with E-merge WinAce (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .C10 file?

The .C10 file extension is associated with a specific type of file known as a WinAce Split Archive Part 10. This file is a piece of a larger file that has been divided into smaller, more manageable parts using WinAce, which is a software program designed for compressing (making files smaller) and decompressing (returning files to their original size) files. The purpose of splitting a large file into smaller parts, like the .C10 file, is to make it easier to store or transfer large files by breaking them down into more manageable sizes.

A WinAce split archive typically starts with a master file that has the .ACE extension. This master file is followed by additional parts named with extensions that start from ".c00," then ".c01," ".c02," and so on, indicating the sequence of the parts. The .C10 file, in this context, represents the tenth part of a split archive. To fully utilize or access the content stored within these split parts, all parts of the archive need to be present and combined using the WinAce software or a compatible program.

However, it's important to note that the original software for creating and opening these files, E-merge WinAce, has been discontinued. This means that the software is no longer being updated or supported by its developers. Despite this, there may still be other programs available that can open or manage .C10 files and other related WinAce split archive files. Users looking to work with these files will need to seek out alternative software solutions that support the .ACE format and its associated split archive parts.


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