.SJR File Extension

A .SJR file is a ScratchJr Project File, created by MIT.

Open with ScratchJr. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SJR file?

An SJR file is a type of file used by the ScratchJr application, which is designed to teach young children the basics of programming through creating interactive games and stories. The file itself is a compressed archive, similar to a ZIP file, and it includes various types of files that make up a ScratchJr project. These files include .WAV files for sound, .PNG files for images, and .JSON files for storing data.

When you create a project in ScratchJr, such as a small game, an animated story, or other interactive content, the project is saved as an SJR file. This file format is specifically used by the ScratchJr app and is structured similarly to the Scratch 2.0 project files, which have the .SB2 extension.

To open an SJR file, you will need to use the ScratchJr app. ScratchJr is available for different platforms, including iOS devices like iPads and iPhones, and Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. You cannot open an SJR file directly on a computer or a device that does not have the ScratchJr app installed.

In summary, if you have an SJR file, you need to use the ScratchJr app on either an iOS or Android device to open and work with the file. This app allows children to interact with and modify their programming projects, enhancing their learning and enjoyment in creating digital content.


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